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KOGA ENTERTAINMENT prides itself as a one stop shop for media and entertainment.

We have been an integral part of several award-winning blockbuster movies, TV commercials and productions as well as music videos and recordings.

We are active players in the music and entertainment industry providing support to small, medium and large scale productions with our arsenal of equipment ranging from cameras like the Arri Alexa camera famously used to shoot the box office blockbuster movie, 'The Wedding Party’; 'The Visit' and 'The Royal Hibiscus Hotel’ movies amongst others. We also have an extensive range of camera lenses and lights in various sizes and capacity.

Our range of equipment are guaranteed to add beauty and depth to your production.
Our team are on hand to help navigate through our collection of equipment to help give life to your ideas.

Koga Entertainment

Check out our full range of equipment below;

Arri alexa camera with solid tripod,batteries and charger250,000200,000150,000
Arri alexa camera with solid tripod,batteries and charger (Outside)300,000250,000200,000
Angenieux Optimo 24 – 290mm lense80,00070,00050,000
Angenieux Optimo 16 – 42mm Lense40,00030,00020,000
Angenieux Optimo 30 – 80mm Lense40,00030,00020,000
Sony Prime Lenses (35, 50 & 85MM)40,00030,00020,000
Sony Prime Lenses (35MM)15,00010,0005,000
Sony Prime Lenses (50MM)15,00010,0005,000
Sony Prime Lenses (85MM)15,00010,0005,000
Fitter-Per one5,0003,0002,000
Sony pmw f3 camera with solid tripod,batteries and charger25,00020,00015,000
Black magic 4k camera with tripod, Matt box,batteries and cards30,00020,00015,000
Sony ex3 camera with batteries,charger and solid tripod15,00015,00010,000
Jvc 790g camera with solid tripod25,00020,00015,000
Visual mixer ms90050,00040,00030,000
Dv cam deck dsr4510,0008,0005,000
Communication talk-back set30,00025,00020,000
40ft complete crane50,00040,00030,000
25 ft jimmy jib30,00020,00015,000
Parcan Fresnel light2,0002,0001,500
Red hed light set3,0002,0002,000
Kino flo light with stand3,0002,0002,000
Led light5,0003,0002,500
Moving head (Nova spot)15,00010,0007,000
Sun gun light3,0002,0002,000
2.5K Arri hmi light with stand15,00015,00015,000
4k Arri hmi light with stand25,00020,00015,000
6k Arri hmi light with stand30,00025,00020,000
2k Fresnel light3,0002,0002,000
1K Fresnel light2,0001,5001,500
Dedo light kit15,00010,0007,000
ARRI 750watt with Stands10,0007,0005,000
Diva lite kino F10 with stand5,0003,0003,000
Arri sand bag500500300
Monitor (Panasonic or sony)5,0003,0003,000
Solid tripod5,0003,0003,000

All inclusive in the audio studio package.

ANALOGUEMac pro pc
c24 protools mix desk
protocols HD audio interface v9
krk monitors
8 vocal mics inputs
8 drums mics inputs
8 line inputs
4 beyerdynamic condenser mics
7 working headphones
4 shure sm58 mics
Main booth accommodates six(6)people including conga player,four(4)keyboardist and guitarist.
Side booth accommodates four(4) people for talking drums.drum booth accommodate one(1)drummer.
DIGITALSound blaster 2016 (Beast)
1402-VL23-mixer -1
Yamaha speaker -2
Head phone -1
Voice –mic -1
Monitor -2
Axiom mini 61 -1
Nemko sound card.